To Mother

You say my poems are sad
Perhaps they were
But it was not from a personal sadness
Since I have the two best possible parents
My childhood was spent close to nature.
The food home-grown and organic.
At an early age I was taught
What was right and wrong.
The sadness was more universal
It came from seeing
A thousand dreams of youth
Not only mine but that of countless others.
It came from trying to make a place
In the adult materialistic society.
It came from seeing the mindless
Existence of countless thousands
Lost in the pursuit of a consumer’s heaven.
That was a phase of my life
Which I now shed like an outgrown garment.
I know now that the material world
Is but an illusion
That it was never necessary to abandon
The dreams and fantasies
Of one’s youth
And I am no longer sad.

Dunedin, NZ — November, 1983

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